@RedLine13 Be Prolific

We’ve been busy on many upgrades based on customer feedback. We’ve made improvements to our integrations with Jmeter and Gatling, done a number of upgrades based on new AWS like new EC2 sizes and regions and Aurora, and made some nice improvements on the UI and graphing.   Very excited to have also announced our partnership with UBIKLoadPack.



JMeter Updates

We are very excited for all the JMeter work this past month including our support for Selenium WebDriver and our recently announced partnership with UBIKLoadPack.


big-logo plug_hls plug_gwt plug_flex


Honorable Mentions

AWS Related Updates

Werner’s six laws at AWS Re:Invent were great, we really liked Gall’s law as that is core to how we move forward.


User Interface Updates

We upgrade to the latest version of Bootstrap and made quite a few UI improvements along the way

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.33.54 PM

General Updates

Some interesting posts about insights we learned along the way.

Gatling Updates

Not many updates on our Gatling support, but it was still nice to see @slandelle in NYC MeetUp