Writing Open Load Tests in Your Language

Writing Open Load Tests in Your Language

You can write custom tests in either PHP or Node.js or Python.
To get started, please refer to the appropriate section below.

Writing Open Load Tests

A language specific load test is

  • ANY code you want to execute
  • With some redline13 API calls to report test execution and timing

Each language is documented independently and can be found on the corresponding page

Submitting Performance Tests

  • There are two ways to submit a custom load test
    • Submit the Load Test File ( .php, .js, .py ) in the language specified
    • Submit a compressed file (.tar, .tar.gz, .tgz ) with the custom file specifically named
      • PHP – Custom.class.php
      • NodeJS – CustomTest.js
      • Python – custom_test.py
  • Custom Load Tests support CSV, Compressed, and Extra files
    • CSV files can be split across servers
    • Compressed files can be marked to be expanded
    • All files are placed in the root of the load test

Package Support in Load Tests

Each Language supports a packaging mechanism to install more packages

  • PHP – Composer
  • NodeJS – NPM built into NodeJS test
  • Python – Not available yet, waiting for customer direction and feedback


  • Currently only NodeJS supports running on different versions using NVM Plugin
  • Python 2.7.6
  • PHP 5.5.9
  • Other versions required?  email info@redline13.com

Test Harness for local testing

A Test Harness is available for all languages, including examples