You can write custom tests in either PHP or Node.js or Python.
To get started, please refer to the appropriate section below.

Writing Open Load Tests

A language specific load test is

  • ANY code you want to execute
  • With some redline13 API calls to report test execution and timing

Each language is documented independently and can be found on the corresponding page

Submitting Performance Tests

  • There are two ways to submit a custom load test
    • Submit the Load Test File ( .php, .js, .py ) in the language specified
    • Submit a compressed file (.tar, .tar.gz, .tgz ) with the custom file specifically named
      • PHP – Custom.class.php
      • NodeJS – CustomTest.js
      • Python –
  • Custom Load Tests support CSV, Compressed, and Extra files
    • CSV files can be split across servers
    • Compressed files can be marked to be expanded
    • All files are placed in the root of the load test

Package Support in Load Tests

Each Language supports a packaging mechanism to install more packages

  • PHP – Composer
  • NodeJS – NPM built into NodeJS test
  • Python – Not available yet, waiting for customer direction and feedback


  • Currently only NodeJS supports running on different versions using NVM Plugin
  • Python 2.7.6
  • PHP 5.5.9
  • Other versions required?  email

Test Harness for local testing

A Test Harness is available for all languages, including examples