ScalabilityIn 2012, RunSignUp had a major project to make our system the most scalable online registration service for the running community.  We had witnessed how opening day registration had crashed and burned a number of races and websites.

It was a year long endeavor that started with moving to Amazon and taking advantage of the new generation of cloud features. But we noticed that we had to hunt everywhere to figure out how to make our site more scalable.  No one had really written down everything they did to make their site scalable.  So we decided to do that.  Please feel free to use any ideas or code we have put in the RunSignUp open source repository on Github to make your life easier.

And of course use the (Almost) Free Load Testing provided by redline13 – the project we spun out of our own experience.  We are glad we did as it took us over 300 tests to get our system to the right place.  The cost was less than $1,000, plus our time to develop the load testing software.  Now you don’t have to spend the time to try to build something – use ours for free.

Scalability White Paper

RunSignUp Scalability White Paper


  1. Author

    We don’t limit the number of users or the amount of time for your load testing. RedLine13 pricing is very straightforward as you can see here

    You can specify the size and number of AWS servers as part of your configuration. AWS will charge you directly. We do not charge you anything for how much you use AWS.

    As for the location of the servers, you can choose any AWS server locations, including several in Asia, during your RedLine13 configuration

    If you have any other questions, let us know.

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    Subject: Quotation for 1,00,000 and 5,00,000 users + 1hour + On cloud from HK or SG

    We have a requirement for conducting a stress / load test for 1,00,000 and 5,00,000 concurrent users for a promotional campaign using basic HTTP / HTML protocol.
    We do not intend to use our infrastructure and prefer cloud locations either from Hong Kong or Singapore. Could you please share the quote for this?

    I will be reachable if you seek further clarification.

    It’s a pretty quick & urgent requirement with competitive timelines for quote submission.

    Thx & Rgrds,

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