RedLine13 Pricing Model When you use RedLine13, there is a RedLine13 subscription cost and an AWS cost. RedLine13 generates the load on your AWS servers as you can see in the diagram below. AWS costs are already ridiculously low. One advantage of this is that you have complete control. If you’re running a low number of tests, your AWS costs will be correspondingly low. Another advantage of the load running on your servers,Read More →

Here is a comparison of BlazeMeter vs. RedLine13 for a free subscription and for the different paid subscriptions. We’re going to do more comparisons. Let us know which you’d like to see. FREE PLAN Feature BlazeMeter RedLine13 Price Free Free Tests per Year 10 forever Unlimited Max Test Length 20 minutes 1 day Max Concurrent Users 50 Approx. 250-500(Actual based on 10 vCPUs) Max Concurrent Tests 1 1 Data Retention 1 week 30 days Max LoadRead More →