Large Testing Team

RedLine13 now makes it even easier for large testing teams. An Enterprise Subscription now supports 20 team members. If you want more, you can add as many as you want for just $60 per year per team member. RedLine13 already provides unlimited tests for unlimited duration. Now your number of testers is virtually unlimited too! Check out the different subscription levels, from Free to Enterprise, to find the one that’s right for your organization. You canRead More →

Easier Load Test Search It’s easy to search your existing RedLine13 tests with new advanced filters. You can already search for your tests by name. Now you can search by test type and set date ranges. You can also choose to see estimated test costs in your search results. This is available for all paid accounts.Read More →

Added Continuous Testing support for CURL and Codeship. This is in addition to existing support for Jenkins.  Continuous Integration (CI) helps automate your code delivery pipeline and enables your teams to collaborate.  Continuous deployment (CD) is the practice of automating the delivery of software to production after passing a series of tests. Which brings us to the need for Continuous Testing. You now have more options for CI/CD Continuous Testing support. We’ve always known that thisRead More →

We sometimes get questions such as “Can I run my Load Test from multiple locations?” The answer is “yes, easily”. It makes sense that testing from one location is not the real world. Therefore, you want to test from multiple locations to simulate the real environment that your site gets, whether that is across your region or across the world. Configure to Run Your Load Test from Multiple Locations So when you configure your test, you simply chooseRead More →

BlazeMeter Comparison

BlazeMeter is one of the leading load testing platforms. RedLine13 has claimed that it provides (Almost) Free Load Testing. This post will first take a look at a BlazeMeter pricing comparison vs. RedLine13. Then it will take a look at a feature comparison because price isn’t everything. In addition, there is the increasing realization by businesses with the value of shift left testing. So this blog post will also look at pricing related to continuous integrationRead More →

How to use BeanShell Sampler to Load Test with Unique Users This guest post is courtesy of Mustafa Mahir Kaplancı of Etiya. A potential problem with automated load testing is when the system requires unique users to log in. Let’s imagine you would like to run a 5k virtual user test. And you’ve determined that you should use 10 AWS instance. In addition to the JMeter script you will also need to have one CSV file whichRead More →