EC2 IAM Instance Profile is the AWS way of giving limited access to EC2 instances to other AWS Resources. We document the benefit of this and how to use it within RedLine13 Load agents here. This document is a how-to for creating the Instnace Profile in AWS Console connecting EC2 to an S3 bucket. Step 1. Go to AWS IAM, Create Role AWS IAM Console Create Role Select AWS Service Choose Use Case -> EC2 ClickRead More →

The load agents which are spun in your AWS environment have no access to other AWS resources, by default they only have access to standard protocols limited to the VPC environment in which they are launched. Short version – your load agents are limited to making HTTP(s) requests to services. There are times you might want your load agents to access other AWS resources directly – S3 – To download or upload files or even accessRead More →

Running load tests on IP whitelisted applications can be difficult when load agents get random IP addresses from AWS. This can be particularly difficult when your application is not running in AWS. One solution to this problem is to use NAT Gateways with Elastic IPs. The Elastic IP can be whitelisted with your application allowing the load agents to reach your private targets. Step 1: Set up VPC subnets (if needed) Go to the AWS VPCRead More →

A frequent request from Operations to QA teams: If you want to load test I will need the public IP address for your load agents. It is a fair request from Operations teams, but by default load agents are ephemeral. Some of the expensive tools provide their own load agents with fixed IPs, which you pay a large premium for. Check box for “Associate Public IP Address” Situation: You can whitelist all of EC2 IP ranges, don’t mind changing white list onRead More →

To use specific IP addresses for your test you will need to setup Elastic IP on your AWS account and associate it to a running load agent. Setting up Elastic IPs on AWS are documented here. As the standard load agents created are ephemeral and therefore hard to associate a public IP to we recommend using a paid RedLine13 account. This will give you access to our ‘Server Management’ Feature. You would schedule your loadRead More →