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Customer request : Is there an easy way to start a cloud load test that just POSTs some JSON to a URL? Great request to make it even easier to get load tests started quickly. 1. “Start a New Test” and select Simple Test 2. Enter URL you want to test 3. Go to “Advanced Simple Test Options” 4. Select Type : POSTBODY 5. Select your content-type 6. Paste in your BODY 7. Of course determineRead More →

You can now craft RedLine13 into your own testing tool with our new custom load testing plugins! We wanted to provide RedLine13 users with the means to not only use our plugins, but with the ability to create their own plugins as well. Your plugin can define all the inputs you need for a test and present a user interface that can be handed over to developers, QA, and to product/project team members. They can be running complicated testRead More →