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How to use BeanShell Sampler to Load Test with Unique Users This guest post is courtesy of Mustafa Mahir Kaplancı of Etiya. A potential problem with automated load testing is when the system requires unique users to log in. Let’s imagine you would like to run a 5k virtual user test. And you’ve determined that you should use 10 AWS instance. In addition to the JMeter script you will also need to have one CSV file whichRead More →

RedLine13’s (almost) Free Load Testing provides a leading cloud based load testing platform for users to understand how their site performs in stressful environments. Our nearly free platform is instrumental in getting a better understanding of a sites needs and priorities. Understanding Necessity: If you’ve been following our recent social media ( twitter, FB, LinkedIn ) feeds, you’ll see some great examples of why it’s important to always test! Maintaining an online presence with a premier websiteRead More →

How to use RedLine13’s (almost) Free Load Testing with RUM methodology: Real User Monitoring (RUM) references a methodology that records every interaction of real users with a web site or web application. The capacity to monitor the way a website interacts in tests with real users is important to the development of online content so operators can see where the fault lines are and what remediation is necessary to make the software operate properly when it is really deployed.Read More →

A frequent request from Operations to QA teams: If you want to load test I will need the public IP address for your load agents. It is a fair request from Operations teams, but by default load agents are ephemeral. Some of the expensive tools provide their own load agents with fixed IPs, which you pay a large premium for. Check box for “Associate Public IP Address” Situation: You can whitelist all of EC2 IP ranges, don’t mind changing white list onRead More →

To use specific IP addresses for your test you will need to setup Elastic IP on your AWS account and associate it to a running load agent. Setting up Elastic IPs on AWS are documented here. As the standard load agents created are ephemeral and therefore hard to associate a public IP to we recommend using a paid RedLine13 account. This will give you access to our ‘Server Management’ Feature. You would schedule your loadRead More →

Problem: How do I use my Selenium tests to run load tests? Answer: You can run a 5,000 user load test for $10 per hour with We distribute your Webdriver code to any number of AWS instances to scale to any size. We handle the distribution of the load agents running PhantomJS to emulate real user processes hitting your application/website at heavy load within minutes. YES, IT’S REAL The Past The previous answer had been “It’sRead More →

  Step 1 – Install the plugin. Available on your API Keys page – Direct Link to download – Step 2 – Generate API Key       On your A PI Keys page – be sure to have an API Key generated Step 3 – Add credentials in Jenkins Go to :  Jenkins -> Credentials -> System Drop down global credentials Select ‘Add Credentials’ from Kind select ‘RedLine13 API Key’ Enter API Key Test RedLine13Read More →