Rich Friedman


We have introduced support for WebDriver headless testing with Chrome and Firefox. Using headless browser testing allows running more concurrent user tests by not requiring virtual terminals to simulate a real desktop screen.  It should improve CPU consumption and allow running the same test on smaller instance size or perhaps more users on larger instance sizes.  Chrome and Firefox are still heavy on CPUs in general but we will take any advantage we can get 🙂Read More →


We have updated our Apache JMeter support to include 4.0.   When you start a JMeter Test you will now see the following versions available 2.13 3.1 3.3 4.0 JMeter 4.0 updates are detailed Running an Apache JMeter Test To run an Apache JMeter test read Running a JMeter Load TestRead More →

 We have added the ability to include any Apache JMeter plugin available on using JMeter Plugins Manager. This allows any load test to use the latest and greatest JMeter Plugin without copying files around. Just follow these steps to start dynamically using JMeter Plugins Manager. 1.  To make this functionality available you need to enable this functionality for your account. – – Select “JMeter Plugin Manager” – See what plugins you have installed. 2. Start aRead More →

In support of running selenium webdriver tests at scale, we built a simple wrapper for webdriver. The wrapper is open source and easy to run on a single machine, while RedLine13 can run it on 1,000 machines. Initial support for performance metrics: Collecting real-time metrics by running via PhantomJS. We injected javascript into PhantomJS to listen to onResourceRequested and onResourceReceived.  We could also track errors and timeouts.  You can see here how we tracked and summarized thisRead More →

Codeship – A Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud that fits your needs. Codeship + Redline13 – makes load testing easy and (almost) free. Codeship provides Basic and Pro. For Codeship Pro integration, read Codeship Pro Integration When looking at the easy and quick nature of building software with Codeship it just made sense to put together a Codeship integration.  Redline13 already has the API and examples to do this. With this Codeship integration, you have the toolsRead More →

How to use BeanShell Sampler to Load Test with Unique Users This guest post is courtesy of Mustafa Mahir Kaplancı of Etiya. A potential problem with automated load testing is when the system requires unique users to log in. Let’s imagine you would like to run a 5k virtual user test. And you’ve determined that you should use 10 AWS instance. In addition to the JMeter script you will also need to have one CSV file whichRead More →

RedLine13’s (almost) Free Load Testing provides a leading cloud based load testing platform for users to understand how their site performs in stressful environments. Our nearly free platform is instrumental in getting a better understanding of a sites needs and priorities. Understanding Necessity: If you’ve been following our recent social media ( twitter, FB, LinkedIn ) feeds, you’ll see some great examples of why it’s important to always test! Maintaining an online presence with a premier websiteRead More →