We are working on improving the site around (Almost) Free Load Testing.  With each iteration, we hope to provide improved knowledge and ease-of-use.   Here are some updates we deployed.

Trail Maps

We started, but have more to go, on building Trail Maps for getting started with all the load test types

Knowledge Base

Keeping up and finding documentation is never an easy task.  Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 5.30.28 PM
We have added a few website features to make this easier.
  • Sticky Top Nav
  • Search Bar at top
  • Knowledge Base Page
    • Posts and Pages are organized regarding the topic they reference
    • We will be adding to this section increasingly going forward

Home Page

The Home Page has been updated with direct access to
  • trail maps
  • knowledge base
  • category specific posts

The Logo

We took the time to do a facelift on the logo.
rl13 header logo

Tip of the Hat

We are committed to  (Almost) Free load testing, that’s our favorite part of RedLine13.   It is only because of all the great open source projects that this is all possible. Core RedLine13 is all custom built, but the website and knowledge base are built on WordPress .  To not reinvent we started with public themes and plugins.   Here are our versions.

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