is an open-source load testing framework based on Scala, Akka and Netty.

  • High performance
  • Ready-to-present HTML reports
  • Scenario recorder and developer-friendly DSL

Gatling.IO is a newer Open Source Load Testing framework that has been very active, most recent release is July 2015.

We have provided continued experimental support for Gating as the community is constantly changing and improving a next generation load testing platform.

Gatling.IO Trail

  1. Setup Connection with AWS
  2. Load Testing simple case, a single URL.
  3. Scaling to 2 servers [TBD]
  4. Try this simple Gatling test [TBD]
  5. Build and Deploy your own Gatling test plan
  6. Record a Gatling Test with the Galting Recorder [TBD]
  7. Gatling Test with Feeder File and Splitting inputs [TBD]