Rest APIs are increasingly popular these days.  They are also frequently being used in Microservices. In this guide, we are going to test REST APIs with authentication using JMeter.  We will see that HTTP Headers play a crucial role in access authentication. Introduction Let’s imagine you want to measure your Rest API request with JMeter and configure the request using JSON format and click the run button.  You will most likely receive an error from theRead More →

People often ask how to share load tests. This is a premium feature within team management. Team Management Team management enhances the sharing of tests and data between different groups of users. With this feature users can see what teams they are on, manage them, add or remove users from a team, and when team members log in they will have the ability to access test results from all members on their team. By default you onlyRead More →

The purpose of the SyncTimer is to block threads until X number of threads have been blocked, and then they are all released at once. A SyncTimer can thus create large instant loads at various points of the test plan. Here’s how you can use JMeter SyncTimer for Load Testing. An Example – A Registration System Let’s say you’re load testing against a Racing Registration system. You have a JMeter script that pulls user information fromRead More →

When companies are growing fast, their main concern is not scaling. Until it’s an issue.  This is part of maturing devops (development operations). They need, or will need, load testing. Then the questions come up. This blog post should be seen as practical load testing advice, along with the right questions, for any company that is grappling with the need to load test. Load Testing 101 Load testing is based on user requirements. For example, loadRead More →

Added Continuous Testing support for CURL and Codeship. This is in addition to existing support for Jenkins.  Continuous Integration (CI) helps automate your code delivery pipeline and enables your teams to collaborate.  Continuous deployment (CD) is the practice of automating the delivery of software to production after passing a series of tests. Which brings us to the need for Continuous Testing. You now have more options for CI/CD Continuous Testing support. We’ve always known that thisRead More →

@RedLine13 Be Prolific We’ve been busy on many upgrades based on customer feedback. We’ve made improvements to our integrations with Jmeter and Gatling, done a number of upgrades based on new AWS like new EC2 sizes and regions and Aurora, and made some nice improvements on the UI and graphing.   Very excited to have also announced our partnership with UBIKLoadPack.     JMeter Updates We are very excited for all the JMeter work this past month including ourRead More →

This tweet by Tobias Baldauf pointing out the change in time to first byte from the HTTP Archive Data peaked my interest.  In this thread would like to open up the data to everyone and put a few ideas on why this decline for “Time to First Byte”.   (Here is a side-bar post on the great data made available via HTTP Archive. Learn More About HTTP Archive) Time To First Byte (TTFB) worsened by ~0.5s for the topRead More →

The HTTPArchive has a mission of recording the performance information and makeup of the web. In addition to the content of web pages, it’s important to record how this digitized content is constructed and served. The HTTP Archive provides this record. It is a permanent repository of web performance information such as size of pages, failed requests, and technologies utilized. This performance information allows us to see trends in how the Web is built and providesRead More →