Help Wanted – Digital Marketing Customer Advocate. The primary purpose of this position is to help serve our customers better by explaining how they can improve their engineering quality, cost, and time to market.  There are several aspects to this: Develop case studies of existing customers. Develop best practice material on different topics. Manage the deployment of this material via our social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, newsletter and new channels of communications. Talk via phone, emailRead More →

Is our math right? 365 Days * 24 hours = 8760 * 10 years = 87,760 hours. Ten Years of Load Testing Here are 10 years of load testing served on RedLine13. #1 – Economic Satisfaction 10 years of load testing, for a total cost – less than an annual subscription to any large enterprise plan in the market? Can you say we are changing the economics of how this all works? We are just getting started.Read More →