Download Large Files for JMeter Tests

Download Large Files for JMeter Tests

Sometimes, you need to use large files in your JMeter tests. Instead of uploading the files to RedLine13 for each test, you can store the files on your own server and download them on the load agents. Another advantage of hosting the files yourself is that you might have sensitive information in the file and don’t want to upload it to RedLine13 servers. To download self-hosted files for JMeter tests, you can use the JMeter File Download plugin (similar plugins are available for custom tests and Gatling tests).

Setting Up The Plugin

The first step is to set up the plugin. To do so, go to the Account » Your Plugins page. Then find JMeter File Download in the Available list and click to add it.

Hosting your Files

You can host your files however you like. Some possibilities include:

  • Starting a web server in the same VPC and use the private IP address (e.g.
  • Uploading the file to S3 and use a pre-signed URL to download the object.
  • Upload the file to any public web server. Warning: Do not use this method with sensitive information.

Starting a Test

When setting up your JMX file, be sure that you update any file references to ~/downloads/yourFilename.ext.
When starting your test on RedLine13, enable the JMeter File Download plugin under “Advanced JMeter Test Options”. Enter the URL where the file can be downloaded. If you need multiple files, you can point to a TAR or TGZ file and check the box to extract the files before the test.