Select your plugins with JMeter Plugins Manager

Select your plugins with JMeter Plugins Manager

 We have added the ability to include any Apache JMeter plugin available on using JMeter Plugins Manager. This allows any load test to use the latest and greatest JMeter Plugin without copying files around.

Just follow these steps to start dynamically using JMeter Plugins Manager.

1.  To make this functionality available you need to enable this functionality for your account.
– Select “JMeter Plugin Manager”
– See what plugins you have installed.

Add JMeter Plugins Manager

2. Start a JMeter Test

– Expand ‘Advanced JMeter Test Options’
– Enable ‘JMeter Plugin Manager’
– You now have the ability to search for plugins, select by version, and remove plugins already selected.
– You can see many plugins including BlazeMeter Debugger, Throughput Shaping, and all of the common plugins.
3.  Test as normal.
Everything else is the same as running a normal Apache JMeter load test.
 With RedLine13, you can run a JMeter Load Test with your JMX script of any mobile application, web application, or API.