Get started quickly by running a simple performance test against any URL endpoint.

  1. First make sure you have your AWS credentials configured properly, documented here.
  2. Click ‘Start Test’
  3. Take a look at the setup screen for starting a load test and enter some basic information
    • Start A Simple URL Test
    • URL : Destination to test
    • Number of Users: # Users to simulate generating traffic
    • Iterations : How many times should each user call the destination
    • Ramp Up Time: It evenly distributes the start time of each test over the interval.
    • Minimum/Maximum Delay : The delay between each iteration
  4. Name your test and press ‘Start Test’.
  5. Waiting – Your first launch of a test will require AWS to launch instances, this takes a little bit of time.  You will see the following
    • Waiting for Servers
  6. Finally your test will run and you will be able to see the summary and detailed results.
  7. Simple Url Summary Results

Happy load testing.