RedLine13 is proud to announce that we have met the AWS requirements and are part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Tier for Amazon load testing tools. RedLine13 is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner for Amazon Load Testing Tools That includes being recognized as a SAAS Partner and also part of the AWS Marketplace. Which makes RedLine13 an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Read about RedLine13’s open architecture. We provide an easy, accessible, and cheap means for load testing. Precisely tune and control your cloud load agents for any given requirement, and then easily scale and repeatedly test with little effort. It’s Your Cloud and Your Load Tests.

AWS-RedLine13 Partnership – Amazon Load Testing Tools

RedLine13 supports the latest AWS locations with a simple configuration change.

Do you have an AWS hosted site and you’re curious about load testing an AWS hosted site with AWS Load Generators? Here is what you need to know about AWS Cloud-Based Testing.

And in case you missed it, Amazon changed EC2 pricing to bill per second. So if you’re load testing and trying to keep your costs down, this is a must read.

Run your own test on RedLine13 and see how much you can do with an AWS Advanced Technology Partner for Amazon load testing tools