Releasing Photos Plugin for Load Testing

In addition to the other plugins that we have recently launched, we’ve created a RedLine13 Photos plugin for custom load tests. The Photos plugin allows users to simulate an upload workload by dynamically creating photos and doing a Post to an endpoint. Once you have installed the plugin (see plugin installation guide), you can have the plugin generate photos and then upload them to S3.

Use Case

This plugin was recently created to simplify testing the RunSignUp Photos Platform and has proven as a valuable tool, as it was able to simulate 100,000 uploads in one hour. The stress tests were used to simulate race day traffic and and provide load for the AWS Lambda (Serverless) architecture behind the application.


The Photos plugin is used on custom load tests, and provides the tester with a range of options. Users can choose and alter the photo format, the height & width of the photos, and the number of photos to upload in addition to being able to alter a range of other parameters. For more information, refer to our GitHub documentation.

RedLine13 Photos Plugin