Custom PHP

Open Source Tools Get The Job DoneOpen source projects like Apache JMeter have been around for 15+ years building what people use and need, not bells and whistles.  This is why our approach is an open architecture for performance testing.    We support Gatling, Apache JMeter, Selenium (current through JMeter Plugin), and open tests written in PHP, Python, or NodeJS. Read More →

Write Open Load Tests in Your Language Load Tests can be written in PHP, Node.JS, or Python using your own libraries and supporting packages.  Just include the RedLine13 harness and let us know which metrics to collect, we then take care of launching your performance tests at scale.  Read More →

Photos Plugin RedLine13

Releasing Photos Plugin for Load Testing In addition to the other plugins that we have recently launched, we’ve created a RedLine13 Photos plugin for custom load tests. The Photos plugin allows users to simulate an upload workload by dynamically creating photos and doing a Post to an endpoint. Once you have installed the plugin (see plugin installation guide), you can have the plugin generate photos and then upload them to S3. Use Case This plugin wasRead More →