While we run this service for (almost) free, we are willing to license our technology to third parties including organizations with large development teams or a need for running the central service in their own environment.  We also will OEM the technology to Cloud Providers, PaaS, SaaS and management vendors.

The Curated Source Code License includes full access to our Github repo, allowing you access to the improvements we make, and the freedom to fork and make your own improvements and integrations.  This allows enterprises the ability to run the central service themselves on Amazon or another cloud stack.  For OEM’s, you get full flexibility to take this technology to market and price and package it however you would like.

Github Access and ForkingOur Curated Course Code License pricing is pretty simple for 2013 licensees:

One time fork – $10,000 for Internal Use, or $25,000 for External Use.

  • Access to our code in 2014 (and all improvements we make this year)
  • Full license to use for your purposes, but not to sub-OEM (you can’t let others use the code like we are letting you use the code)
  • 8 hours of support/consulting

Continuing Access – $5,000 per year for Internal Use and $10,000 per year for External Use.

  • Continuing access to our code
  • 8 hours per year of support/consulting

See our Term Sheet if you are interested in this option.