Curated Source CodeRedLine is offering our curated source code as an option to customers who want more than what our service provides.

Curated Source Code means that we are managing the source code for this project.  It offers the benefit of having a company stand behind the source code to enhance, test and deploy the software as a service, while also giving people direct access to the source code.

We offer a license to the codebase.  This allows others to modify it for their purposes (deploy on OpenStack or VMware for example), and have the ability to add the features they need.  It also offers a “safety net” in case RedLine’s service does not meet the needs of an organization (although we hope that doesn’t happen!).

License customers can keep their enhancements private, or offer them back to RedLine to be incorporated or picked up by other Licensees.

We think the Cloud offers a new age of open source thinking.  This allows RedLine to be focused on providing a wonderful (almost) free service , but also serve other businesses.  You can read more on our thoughts about crossing open source and cloud business models here.