One of the most famous catchphrases to come out of the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tsunami sweeping DevOps is “Who broke the build?” We’ve even seen clever shops rigging Jenkins to a ping pong ball gun to fire at the developer who just checked in code that broke the build.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment / Continuous Performance

RedLine13 is so easy to use and so inexpensive. It is being used on an increasing frequency as part of Jenkins and CodeShip CI/CD pipelines. And it is not so much for the purpose of running a huge 50,000 user test every time someone checks in code, but to monitor “Who broke the performance?”
Using RedLine for quicker tests to measure response time right in your pipeline. This allows you to catch a developer change that slows response time from 2.1 seconds to 2.3 seconds right up front rather than wait for a semi-annual audit of performance when everyone is scrambling to figure out why the app is so much slower than it used to be.

Shift Left

Some companies Ops and QA teams are calling this a “Shift Left”, catching things earlier in the development cycle. That’s Continuous Performance. And isn’t that what DevOps is all about?