RedLine13 has great news in the world of Selenium RedLine13 Integration!

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that some of our users experienced issues when testing with Selenium in Firefox & Chrome.

We mentioned in our latest blog update that Meteor Forum member ‘evolross’ experienced a few bugs while trying to run tests in Firefox & Chrome.

We take our product seriously and value input from our users!

Since, we’ve developed a series of patches to allow our users to run tests in Firefox & Chrome:

Selenium + RedLine13 Updates

We’ve updated to the following versions for Selenium NodeJS support:

  1. Selenium Webdriver 3.5.0
  2. Chrome 61 on Linux – ChromeDriver 2.32.3
  3. Firefox 55.0.2 on Linux Agent – Gecko Driver 1.8.1
  4. The RedLine13 WebDriver was also updated to take advantage of the new headless feature for Firefox.

Integrating with your tests

  • In your webdriver test file
// include redline
var redline = require( 'redline13-webdriver' );

// load your driver via redline13
// redline13 library uses standard mechanism but presets some capabilities
var browser = redline.loadBrowser('chrome');

browser.get( "" );

RedLine13 methods

  • redline.loadBrowser ( string browser, string domains, boolean hardFilter )

Loads selenium driver class while wrapping to capture performance data

@param browser phantomjs | chrome | firefox
@param domains string space separated list of domains(regex) filters for inclusion in performance data
@param hardFilter boolean true will cause anything not filtered to be ignored, false anything not filtered will be recorded only by domain name.

@return Driver instance
  • redline.snap ( string filename )

Captures a screenshot and tracks completion. During a test on if you capture a screenshot and store it to output/filename.png it will make that screenshot available after test completion. This functions calls the normal takeScreenshot but forces storing filename in output/filename.

Running at Scale on RedLine13

We have examples of running a 5000 user Selenium WebDriver Test for $10.  A path forward to having Selenium tests integrated into your continuous load testing process.

Happy Testing!