The Service

We provide a free service that helps you setup and deploy load testing instances in your Amazon account. You have to pay for the load testing part of this on the spot instances - hence the (Almost). As an example: if you want to run a load test with 200 m1.small Load Agent Servers hitting your application or site, we can manage them as spot instances and it will cost you about $2.00 for an hour. That should give you enough horsepower to emulate 50,000 users continuously providing load. And we provide you with some pretty real time graphs and reports when you are done (and that part is free).

AWS Technology Partner

The Background

This is an endeavor by Stephen Sigwart, Bob Bickel and Richard Friedman. We developed this as part of our scalability efforts on RunSignUp. We thought it was so cool, we should share it with others. While this is an (almost) free service, we also offer a "curated source" license to End Users, OEM's and Cloud Providers who want to run this in their own environment or want to fork the code for their own use. But feel free to use it for free on our site and provide us feedback so we can work on making it better in our off hours ;-)