Why do most websites make us type in the city AND state AND zip code? Just a zip code should be enough. We have better things to do with our time! A better Zip Code API is needed. A Simpler Online Address Form RunSignUp agrees. That’s why they use ZipCodeAPI to simplify online address forms for people signing up for races. Users simply enter their zip code and ZipCodeAPI retrieves the city and state. Just aRead More →

You know the adage goes location, location, location. You know location is everything. But getting locations and zip codes for your app or enterprise is not always easy. What is needed is a powerful zip code API. Real Zip Code API Needs Gautam Tandon is the CEO of Ellipsis Solutions. He told me that they design local marketing campaigns. They optimize these marketing campaigns for a business type, budget,  and specific need. They also optimize for location. TheseRead More →