Bob Bickel

RedLine13 has great news in the world of Selenium RedLine13 Integration! If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you’ll know that some of our users experienced issues when testing with Selenium in Firefox & Chrome. We mentioned in our latest blog update that Meteor Forum member ‘evolross’ experienced a few bugs while trying to run tests in Firefox & Chrome. We take our product seriously and value input from our users! Since, we’ve developed aRead More →

One of the many ways RedLine13 helps our clients, is through continuously developing our services to meet the growing demands of developers and performance testers alike. In a thorough and informative case study published by evolross on the Meteor Forums, he explains his journey while running a Meteor 1.5.1 production app deployed on Galaxy, wherein he receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of simultaneous bursts of users hitting the app. For a full read of the thread on theRead More →

We’re proud to announce RedLine13’s (almost) Free Load Testing API has joined the AWS Marketplace. Click HERE for a full view of our listings on the AWS Marketplace! If you’re a current user of RedLine13’s Load Testing API, don’t be shy. Please, take one minute to click the above link and write us a quick one line review. We want prospective users to hear about your positive experiences.  The good exposure helps us tremendously.  As a thank you, we’ll send some goodRead More →