RedLine13 has an option to load your JMeter test plan and your extra files from remote locations such as S3. By default, test plan files and extra file attachments are securely uploaded to the RedLine13 service prior to your test starting. In this scenario, your proprietary files are loaded directly onto your load generator instances, allowing you to:1. Secure test plans to a customer account2. More easily manage test plan files in one location, such asRead More →

RedLine13 extends the ability to run Selenium WebDriver tests within JMeter. The option to enable WebDriver for your JMeter test can be found under “Advanced JMeter Test Options“. The checkbox must be selected as shown below to enable this plugin: Once you have added the WebDriver plugin, additional configuration options will be displayed as the depicted above within the dotted blue box. A description of each of these options is as follows: Screen Width Specifies theRead More →

For load tests run on RedLine13 which have “Output Files” enabled, our system provides the compiles the JMeter Dashboard Report at the conclusion of your test run. This option appears under the “Output Files” section of the load test results page: The “Download” option will allow you to download the Dashboard Report as a single *.tar.gz archive file, containing a collection of HTML files that can be shared or viewed offline. The “View” option will allowRead More →

RedLine13 offers the ability to automatically detect and install JMeter plugins that are referenced by your test plan.  After completing the one-time setup described below, automatic plugin installation can be accomplished from your JMeter tests with a single-click. Adding the JMeter Plugin Manager A prerequisite to using this feature is that you enable the “JMeter Plugin Manager” for your account.  From the main menu, select “Account” and then “Your Plugins”: From the list of “Available” plugins, find “JMeterRead More →