You may have seen answers on Stack Overflow regarding JMeter Load Testing and RedLine13. Recently there have been some questions in Spanish and Portuguese with Stack Overflow answers in Spanish and Portuguese.

Rohit, who works for RedLine13, looks for questions that people have in Stack Overflow and other places, and usually responds very quickly with some excellent advice! He recently saw a Stack Overflow questions in Spanish. Thanks to Google Translate he was able to understand the question and responded…in English. However, he was asked to answer in the native language. Thanks again to Google Translate he responded in Spanish. His repost may not have been perfect Spanish but he got back a response: Muschas gracias! Rohit then responded to another question in Portuguese. Rohit didn’t suddenly become multi-lingual but he’s happy to help however he can. What’s next?

Rohit has also recently written some excellent blog posts: File Upload with JMeter and HTTP Authorization Manager. Check them out.