Updates for the Jenkins RedLine13 Load Testing Plugin include

  • Support for Jenkins Proxy
  • JMeter 3.1
  • Expanding Variables

2.1 Plugin Available on the API page

Jenkins Proxy

The RedLine13 Jenkins 2.1 plugin supports a proxy configured inside of Jenkins.

To set up a proxy within the Jenkins admin UI, refer to the Jenkins Wiki: Jenkins & Proxy Servers

To use the RedLine13 Plugin, simply upgrade the plugin to version 2.1.

JMeter 3.1 Available In JMeter Freestyle

We’ve added support for selecting JMeter 3.1 from a RedLine13 JMeter FreeStyle Build step.


Expanding Parameterized Variables

In FreeStyle projects for Gatling, JMeter, PHP, Python, and NodeJS performance tests, we now offer support for expanding variables from parameterized builds. The parameters can be utilized within the following properties:

  • Test Name
  • Test Description
  • Test Options (such as java options for JMeter and Gatling Tests)

Below you will find an example using a parameter from the build:


Used within the RedLine13 JMeter Step as an example:


You can also use $(LOOP_COUNT) in multiple places:


Open Source Jenkins Plugin

The plugin source code is available on GitHub