How we built RedLine13

Architecture FullRedLine13 provides a command and control architecture for storing, planning, starting, monitoring, and reporting performance tests at scale. This is achieved by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology inside our AWS and your AWS account.

Create Load Tests

Build load tests in your tool.

  • Apache JMeter
  • Gatling.IO
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • Simple URL

And wrap them in RedLine13 to make them easy to execute.


Through our Web, API, or Jenkins interface you can prepare and integrate load tests in your continuous development lifecycle.


Plan how to scale your load tests. We expose the AWS capabilities you need to launch performance tests.

  • Server Size
  • Server Type : On-Demand or Spot
  • Server Location
  • Disk Size
  • VPC and Security Groups
  • Quantity of servers


From a Jenkins task or pipeline, API call, or manually from the Web you can control when your tests start. This begins a process that allows RedLine13 to communicate with EC2 APIs.  Your environment is created and load agents are prepared and made ready to execute your test plans.  As part of this process, agents and server begin a communication channel.  This allows the command and control pattern to manage test execution and cost of tests running.

Your tests do what you built them for, simulating web or mobile users, system to system API calls, or a fleet of IoT devices.


As tests are running we are collecting real time data about the performance.  The data is being sent on intervals back to the collection system. The collection system is both making the data available for real time access and preparing it to be stored in aggregate for post test viewing.    As tests complete, the agents are collecting artifacts such as JMeter log, Selenium image captures, Gatling Reports.

Reports and Artifacts

RedLine13 standard reports are the same reports viewed during real time collection.  At the end of the test, all data is made available for viewing or download. Data is also post processed to provide

  • Percentile Reports
  • JMeter Dashboard Report
  • Gatling Report
  • Gatling merged .JTL log

These artifacts and other result files are made available for download.

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