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HealthCareGov From Extension

Test completed at 10/01/15 03:59:22am UTC

General Information
Test ID
JMeter Test: healthcaregov (1).jmx
10/01/15 03:56:14am UTC
Init Time
10/01/15 03:56:16am UTC
Agent Start
10/01/15 03:58:18am UTC
Completed At
10/01/15 03:59:22am UTC
Cloud Plugin Meta
JMeter Test Details
JMeter Version
JMX Test Plan
Cloud Server Specs
Size Disk Size Max Price Location No. Servers Approx Users
m3.medium (1 vCPU) $0.0670
(On Demand)
Virginia 2 1
Server IP Address Status Size/Max Price Test Plans Running Test Plans Completed Avg Test Plan Time Download Size Failed Pages
Server #00048179
Checked In: Yes
ec2-54-205-25-222.compute-1.amazonaws.com Shutdown at 10/01/15 04:51am UTC
m3.medium (1 vCPU)
0 20 41.4867s 17.595MB 0
Server #00048180
Checked In: Yes
ec2-54-161-139-75.compute-1.amazonaws.com Shutdown at 10/01/15 04:51am UTC
m3.medium (1 vCPU)
0 20 35.3485s 17.617MB 0
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