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API Documentation

You can start simple load tests via the API if you are using any paid RedLine13 plan. If you do not have a Basic or Premium plan, you can purchase one here.

API Usage

To use the API, you must include an HTTP header of X-Redline-Auth indicating you your API Key. For POST calls, be sure to include an HTTP header of Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---FILLINYOURBOUNDARY--- (PHP multipart/form-data example).

Swagger UI

The API endpoints are available via Swagger UI here.

API Endpoints

Endpoint HTTP Method Type Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest GET Search for your load tests. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest POST Start a new load test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest DELETE Cancel a running or Delete previous load test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/StatsDownloadUrls GET Get stats download URLs for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Metrics GET Access metric data for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Percentiles GET Access percentiles data for a completed test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Errors GET Get errors for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Share POST Set if a test is shareable and get share link. Details