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API Documentation

You can start simple load tests via the API if you are using the Professional version of RedLine13. If you do not have the Professional version, you can purchase a plan here.

API Usage

To use the API, you must include an HTTP header of X-Redline-Auth indicating you your API Key. For POST calls, be sure to include an HTTP header of Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded or Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=---FILLINYOURBOUNDARY--- (PHP multipart/form-data example).

Swagger UI

The API endpoints are available via Swagger UI here.

API Endpoints

Endpoint HTTP Method Type Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest GET Search for your load tests. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest POST Start a new load test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/LoadTest DELETE Delete load test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/StatsDownloadUrls GET Get stats download URLs for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Metrics GET Access metric data for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Percentiles GET Access percentiles data for a completed test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Errors GET Get errors for a test. Details
https://www.redline13.com/Api/Share POST Set if a test is shareable and get share link. Details