Stephen Sigwart

Running load tests on IP whitelisted applications can be difficult when load agents get random IP addresses from AWS. This can be particularly difficult when your application is not running in AWS. One solution to this problem is to use NAT Gateways with Elastic IPs. The Elastic IP can be whitelisted with your application allowing the load agents to reach your private targets. Step 1: Set up VPC subnets (if needed) Go to the AWS VPCRead More →

Sometimes, you need to use large files in your JMeter tests. Instead of uploading the files to RedLine13 for each test, you can store the files on your own server and download them on the load agents. Another advantage of hosting the files yourself is that you might have sensitive information in the file and don’t want to upload it to RedLine13 servers. To download self-hosted files for JMeter tests, you can use the JMeter FileRead More →

RedLine13 Improvements help load test up to the "Red Line"

We’ve implemented a number of improvements, called Release 2018-06-22, to help make RedLine13 more useful to you. They include user interface improvements, bug fixes, better reliability and more. Below are a handful of those updates. New Features Sometimes, JMeter tests that ended abruptly or were cancelled would fail to generate the final JMeter report due to JMeter’s JTL file being truncated. We’ve added code to detect and correct that so you can see the report forRead More →